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Dedicated Hub for Local Drinks | 15 + Years Championing Local Drinks Producers | Fast UK Delivery (free over £60) | 1000's Orders Delivered

This is who we are.

Supporting communities, getting close to the source, and discovering new tastes from new places.

You can do all of that, right here.

Our Story

Locio originated from a passionate Founder (Phil) who operated a small convenience store in Hull. As a local independent himself he loved to champion local independent producers and showcase their amazing products.

He then wanted to take this further.

We’d all love to ‘support local’. But with the best intentions in the world, it’s hard to ignore the convenience of online shopping.

Seamless checkouts, speedy delivery and everything you could ever want, only a click away.

With Locio, we’ve brought these worlds together.

We’ve curated local online shopping with quality beverage produce from people who care about what they’re making, whilst bottling the community spirit of a local shop too. 

We are Locio -The ethical online marketplace.


Championing Local

The most authentic produce is made by passionate people. They’re devoted to their craft
Whether it’s an East Yorkshire Brewery, Yorkshire Wine, Artisan Spirits, Small Batch Gin, Yorkshire Rum, Yorkshire Cider or Yorkshire Coffee.

Whether you are looking for a Gin delivery, Vodka delivery, Cider Subscription or Rum subscription. We aim to showcase the finest and through our ethical online marketplace, create a community that really cares about where it buys from.
Discover the producers & produce we sell.

Giving Back

For us, supporting independents is about more than just boosting the local economy. We reckon small business success should result in real local change.

So, we do things a little differently. For more on how we support local communities, see below.


Locio is the online equivalent of visiting a bustling farmers market.

We’re hoping you’ll stumble across the perfect coffee, an exciting beer or your new favourite wine. Our site is mouth-watering and eye-opening.

Why Choose Locio?

Exclusive Independent Produce

Mix your beverages of choice

Place one single order, in one place

(Save time & enjoy certainty)

Great Prices

Ethical Shopping

(We’ll donate 12.5% of all our profits to local causes)

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Always enjoy responsibly.