Refreshing gin cocktails from Locio

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Embrace summer with refreshing gin cocktails using Locio’s premium gins!

As British summertime approaches, there’s no better time to really up your cocktail game and celebrate the season with a burst of refreshing flavours and some top quality gin! Here at Locio, we take pride in curating a remarkable selection of Yorkshire-made gins that are perfect for creating sensational cocktails and enjoying responsibly. Order in some of your favourites, and get ready to embark on a mixology adventure and discover some delicious gin-based concoctions to enjoy all summer long!

1. Classic Gin and Tonic

Let’s start with a timeless classic—the Gin and Tonic. This simple yet elegant cocktail showcases the botanical complexity of your chosen gin, paired with the effervescence of tonic water. Fill a glass with ice, add a generous pour of your favourite gin from Locio, and top it off with chilled tonic water. Garnish with a slice of fresh citrus fruit or a sprig of fragrant herbs, and voila! You have a refreshing drink that’s sure to quench your thirst on those hot summer days. At the moment, we are really enjoying York Gin in a classic G&T! You can check out the selection from York Gin here.

2. Elderflower Collins

For a floral twist on a classic, try the Elderflower Collins. In a shaker, combine gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice, elderflower syrup, and ice. Shake vigorously, then strain the mixture into a tall glass filled with ice. Top it off with sparkling water, and give it a gentle stir. Garnish with a lemon slice or a sprig of fragrant elderflowers, if available. Sip on this delightful concoction and let the delicate flavours transport you to a blooming summer garden. We stock a delightful pomegranate and elderflower gin from J. P. Adlam that is wonderful for adding a fruity twist to this cocktail recipe!


3. Raspberry Rosemary Smash

Infuse your gin cocktail with fruity and herbal notes by indulging in a Raspberry Rosemary Smash. Muddle fresh raspberries and a sprig of rosemary in a glass, releasing their vibrant flavours. Add gin and a splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Fill the glass with ice and stir well. For a to犀利士
uch of sweetness, you can add a drizzle of simple syrup or agave nectar. Strain into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice, and garnish with a raspberry and a small sprig of rosemary. Cheers to a harmonious blend of botanicals and natural sweetness!

gin and tonic against a dark background

Whether you prefer the classic simplicity of a G&T or want to venture into more adventurous flavours, the possibilities are endless. So, stock up on your favorite gins from Locio, gather your cocktail-making essentials, and let the summer vibes flow as you sip on these delightful gin cocktails. Cheers to a season filled with delicious drinks and unforgettable memories!


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