The art of coffee brewing: how to brew the perfect cup with Locio - Locio

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The art of coffee brewing: how to brew the perfect cup with Locio

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Coffee is more than a morning ritual; it’s an art form. For the coffee connoisseur, every brew is a canvas, and the brewing method you choose to extract those nuanced flavours can significantly impact your morning masterpiece. In the realm of coffee, variety is king, and exploring different brewing methods opens doors to a world of taste experiences.

At Locio, we treasure the rich coffee traditions of Yorkshire, and we’re proud to offer a range of coffee from local businesses that exemplify craftsmanship and quality. So, let’s embark on a journey through the art of coffee brewing and discover how to unlock the perfect cup.

The French press

A French press is a timeless classic. It’s the preferred choice of many coffee enthusiasts who are looking for a full-bodied, rich, and aromatic brew. Here’s how to create your masterpiece:


Coarsely ground coffee beans and hot water.

– Add coffee grounds to the French press.
– Pour hot water over the grounds, ensuring they’re fully immersed.
– Stir gently.
– Cover with the lid and let it steep for about 4 minutes.
– Depress the plunger slowly.

Locio coffee tips:

Experiment with the coffee-to-water ratio to suit your taste. Coarser grounds yield a cleaner cup, while finer grounds add more body.

Pour-over brewing

Pour-over brewing is like a delicate brushstroke in the coffee art world. It’s a method that allows precision in every drop, bringing out subtle flavours. Here’s a brief guide:


Freshly ground coffee beans, a pour-over cone, paper filter, and hot water.


– Place the filter in the pour-over cone and set it over your coffee cup.
– Add coffee grounds to the filter.
– Start by wetting the coffee grounds with a small amount of hot water. Wait 30 seconds for the coffee to “bloom.”
– Gradually pour hot water over the grounds in a circular motion.

Locio coffee tips:

Ensure a consistent, slow pour for even extraction. Adjust the grind size for different flavour profiles.

Espresso: The Art of Concentration

Espresso brewing is the concentrated essence of coffee. It’s a challenging method but, when mastered, can produce a shot of pure magic. Here’s a glimpse:


Finely ground coffee beans, an espresso machine, and hot water.


– Load the espresso machine with coffee grounds and tamp them evenly.
– Start the machine, which forces hot water through the grounds under pressure.
– A single shot should take about 25-30 seconds.

Locio coffee tips:

Precise measurements and grind size are key. Experiment with beans and find the perfect grind to achieve your preferred flavour.


Every brewing method is an opportunity to craft a unique flavour profile. The beauty of coffee art is in the experimentation, the discovery, and the creation of that perfect cup tailored to your taste. Grab some coffee from Locio and start experimenting.


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